Investment Manager : Operating Model Review and Outsourcing of Technology Services


Our client, an Investment Manager with £1.7Bn AUM, engaged with Broadgate following the Covid-19 pandemic, to review the delivery of technology services.

They were concerned that with the new hybrid operating model they were inefficient in terms of the balance between internal-external service delivery.


Broadgate conducted a review of the current internal technology services including infrastructure, service management, security operations, and development.

We designed the optimal retained organisation and then identified suppliers for each of the service towers.

We conducted an RFP process to help determine which suppliers were the best fit, either for a specific scope or for the full-service model.


By following our standard methodology, we determined that the best model was to outsource the infrastructure, service, and security towers and to have a ‘core-flex’ model with a different supplier for application development and maintenance.

This delivered the most agile approach aligned with the demand pipeline of the client, resolved their skills shortage issues, and also drove efficiencies of £1.9m over the contract term.

Fund Administrator : Operating Model Review and Transformation


Our client, a Trust, Corporate Services, and Fund Administrator with £35Bn AUM, engaged with Broadgate to do a complete review of their technology services.

They were concerned that their existing operating model did not support their strategic drivers to provide a modern, digital platform to retain their current clients and attract new ones.


Broadgate conducted a review of the current state across four work streams; governance, platforms, applications, and security, through interviews, reviewing artefacts and assessing the technology stack.

We then mapped the output of this against the strategic drivers of the organisation. Using our standard methodology we then provided a future state roadmap and business case, from which the client could determine the appropriate transformation plan to achieve the objectives.


We delivered 22 operating model improvement initiatives from the key workstreams, to increase digital capability, deliver efficiencies, introduce automation and reduce cost.

The highest priority in the Applications workspace also required a new platform for their business, so a detailed requirements process and RFP were executed by Broadgate to select a new partner.

This will deliver c.£2m of efficiency savings over a 3-year period and provide a strong technology platform for growth.

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