Large High Street Retailer : Operating Model Review and Outsourcing


Our client, a large high street retailer, was concerned that their technology operational model and associated costs were inefficient.

Specifically, whilst a large part of their payments platform was delivered as a service, the internal operations had become too large, inflexible, and not aligned to their overall business services.


Broadgate conducted a review of the current internal technology services including infrastructure operations, service management, end user computing, security, and cloud platforms.

Through this process, we determined that the delivery organisation was disconnected from the business products and with large service overlaps.

In addition, there was the immaturity of processes and proliferation of software and suppliers.


Broadgate worked with the internal HR team to create new roles and responsibilities with clear business alignment, resulting in staff being redeployed to accelerate projects.

We also ran a sourcing process for all the operational towers.

This process delivered a £1m a year saving on the store network connectivity and £12m+ five year savings through consolidation and transformation to an on-demand cloud-based platform.

High End Retailer : DevOps and Service Management Integration


As part of an operating model review, Broadgate identified a disconnect between the IT Service Management and DevOps functions.

Both were operating in their individual silos, with inconsistencies in processes and tooling. The outcome of this was both cost inefficiency and a lack of end-to-end view from a management perspective.


Broadgate worked with the Service Management and Development teams to identify which processes needed integration and the respective tooling.

We selected JIRA to replace the existing development ticketing platform and implemented code ( to provide a two way integration with ServiceNow.

We also trained all the users and provided a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


The new system provided automated robotic processes which allowed for the development and service procedures to be supplied, seamlessly to all parts of the organisation.

From a cost saving perspective, the previous system was decommissioned, saving 40% in annual costs.

In addition, the throughput of change from development to production was increased as was the quality of delivery to the end users.

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