Accountancy Firm : Programme Review and Remediation of Practice Management System


Our client, a national accountancy and professional services firm had a legacy, in-house practice management system. This was expensive to support and difficult to change.

They engaged a systems integrator to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution. The project had significant cost and time overrun issues and the scope was drifting.

Broadgate was asked to perform an independent ‘drains-up’ review of the programme.


Broadgate interviewed vendors, project sponsors, and the project team to analyse issues and potential resolutions.

A detailed review of the plan against cost and deliverables identified a number of challenges.

The project governance was also analysed to identify gaps and weaknesses to improve overall processes and approach.


Project review with senior stakeholders confirmed findings that the project would not deliver the required outcomes, continuing the project would only cost more money and divert resources from alternative solutions.

The project was stopped with cost avoidance savings of approx. £1.4m. It was redefined and initiated with narrower scope utilising the COT solution.

The project was successfully implemented in 9 months under budget.

Top 5 Accounting Firm : IT Strategy


A previous client recently became CIO for a large UK-based accountancy firm. They valued the work we had carried out previously and asked us to review the current set-up and assist in building out a forward-looking technology strategy.

The client had not invested in technology and had built up significant levels of technical debt with the associated risks, inability to change swiftly, and rising costs to support.


We undertook an initial two-week deep dive within the IT division and identified a number of deficiencies and provided ‘quick-win’ solutions. These included implementing a design-authority and change governance process and holding to account/removing underperforming suppliers.

We then worked with the firm’s executive team and CIO to formulate the technology strategy mapped to the business goals and objectives.


The technology strategy (which involved a significant technology and application transformation programme, updating all end-user technology, networks, and communication systems) was approved by the Board.

We created and managed the roadmap of delivery whilst ensuring business-as-usual continued with minimal interruption.

The technology programme has now been delivered successfully.

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