Investment Manager : Selection of Portfolio and Order Management Tools


Our client, a global asset manager, was using out-of-date and under-performing technology to determine investment decisions.

The ability to change and add new functions to the applications was limited resulting in manual workarounds, errors, and the inability to launch new products quickly.


Broadgate gathered requirements from the business areas to build a tender.
We reviewed the market for products and ran an RFP process to assess the contenders.

We managed the contracting process and assisted the client with the migration and implementation of the new toolset.


The implementation of the new product set enabled our client to deliver and manage additional security asset classes on a single platform, reducing the time-to-launch of new products by an average of 3 months. Input errors were reduced by 98%.

In addition, over £450,000 was saved through the reduction in infrastructure required to operate the new platform.

Wealth Manager : Security and Risk Framework


Our client, an Investment Manager, was concerned about their current security posture in terms of technology controls, policies, and processes.

In addition, they wanted to implement a new security Risk Framework from which they could measure the effectiveness of their controls throughout the organisation.


Broadgate worked with the client to set out a risk appetite for cyber events with criteria, such as reputational damage, from which we then used the NIST framework to review the current policies, governance, and technology controls in place, producing a set of key recommendations.

We also reviewed the technology stack protecting their critical assets and data, identifying any gaps and recommendations to improve.


Measuring the client’s implementation and maturity against the agreed baseline, allowed us to set out a roadmap from which the client could focus resources toward the most important areas.

This was also enabled by setting out a set of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) from which the current status and the future roadmap could be managed.

In addition, we set out a new governance model, with defined roles, inputs, and outputs.

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