Healthcare : Supplier Assurance and Risk Assessment


Our client was a healthcare organisation specialising in data analysis to enable hospitals to improve their services and patient outcomes.

They had recently undertaken a security review that highlighted the potential risks from a third party security breach and how this could affect their own operations.

We were engaged by the COO to design and build a robust third party assurance review process.


The Broadgate team of security assurance consultants identified all third party suppliers and conducted a review of all the contracts and the supplier’s security policies and processes to identify any risks in the client’s supply chain.

All suppliers were categorised in terms of criticality and any risks that would significantly affect the client’s operations were remediated.


The client now has a strong third party assessment and governance solution, which allows for onboarding, oversight and offboarding based on a supplier defined process dependent on tiered criticality.

This allows for our client to manage risks appropriately based on the respective supplier services.

Subsequently, our client has reduced the risks associated with their supply chain.

Government : Security Architecture and Delivery Programme


Our government client with significant pandemic related challenges required the ability to rapidly set-up a secure environment for a new critical infrastructure project.

The existing approach to delivery was not agile enough for the time sensitive requirements.

Broadgate, with a partner, was asked to provide a small team of highly skilled security specialists to advise and implement a secure environment at pace.


The Broadgate team of security architects were implanted into the client’s team to define, design, and build the security focused environment.

This involved working with and guiding multiple third parties, other government departments, and senior sponsors.


The time critical secure laboratory and infrastructure were built and delivered in a very short, highly pressurised time frame to successfully deliver the essential services.

A re-architecting and redesign exercise was then carried out to implement lessons learned and longer term objectives to provide a strategic UK government asset for continued use.

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