Broadgate Predicts – 10 themes for 2012


As we end what has been an “interesting” year, we look forward to some technology themes for 2012.  These are our views, not analysts or market research firms, and in many cases not revolutionary, but what we have determined during our interactions with clients over the past 12 months and how we see the industry shaping. Let us know what you think.

  1. Cloud Computing gathers pace: as data security blockers reside, particularly in Financial Services, and organisations seek to do more with flat or reduced budgets, companies will look more aggressively to best execution venues for technology services.
  2. Cyber Security issues at the forefront: apart from the high profile incidents in 2011, there has in general been a significant rise in targeted malware attacks across all industries. As we enter 2012 the advanced and persistent nature of attacks will continue, with companies needing to stay vigilant and “one step behind” the cyber criminals.
  3. Commoditisation of IT: we see this a key area in 2012 as developments continue to allow more on demand and utility based compute.  One aspect that will require attention is the organisation as reality hits and companies seek to realign both operating models and the HR impacts of the evolution.
  4. Risk, Regulation and Compliance spending increases: no crystal ball needed for this one.  The impacts of MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, FATCA, Solvency II etc… will continue to drive technology investments higher as a percentage of the overall technology spend portfolio.  However, companies will need to monitor carefully the evolution and practicalities of each to ensure efficient allocation of scarce resources from an already depleted discretionary budget.
  5. Mobility: we will see significant growth both in the mobile payments area, with third party solutions providers increasing market share.  Also, both business and customer end-users will continue to drive the need for always-on data and applications through mobile channels and personal device access.
  6. Business Intelligence: users will require access to management information in a more agile and distributed manner.  A more federated approach to BI data in 2012 will drive improved, enterprise class architectures whilst still empowering users at the organisational “fringes”.
  7. Service Providers leverage PaaS: new offerings from the traditional outsource vendors and service providers will come too market as we see the race to gain market share in the Platform as a Service space. Vertical business solutions will be launched through partnerships with ISV’s and domain experts to leverage the increased demand.
  8. Data Management: we hear a huge amount about the issue of data, be it from a taxonomy, architecture, security, transformation, integration, cleansing, physical or logical perspective etc…  It won’t go away in 2012 and with continued pressure around efficiency it will be a key attention area for 2012.
  9. Portfolio Management: whilst on the agenda for several years, proper portfolio management within organisations has always been a challenge.  Along with the efficiency theme, companies will be seeking more value from technology investments, predictability of outcomes and a swifter remediation ( or cancellation ) of failing initiatives.
  10. Social Media: many organisations dipped their toe in the water in 2011 ( see our prevous blog ).  In 2012 we will see a wider embrace of social media as a channel for improved customer interaction, decision making and a closer tie to financial benefits.



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